Margot Samuelson (b. Margot Louise Sweeney; June 12, 1918) was a Californian actress, politician, and author. 

She was involved in the 1938 coup in California. 

She appeared on several Californian "Great Cinema" movies such as, "Romeo et Juliette" (1936), "La Tragédie d'Hamlet" (1937), and "The Great Revolution" (1941). She was also well known for being the Grand Secretary of the Communist Party of California from 1938-1949 and from 1950-1953. She was the wife of two famous actors, first well known "Californian Patriotist", Frederick Samuelson (whom she got her pen name from). Then she married communist actor, Jerry Garrison.

It isn't well documented, but there is some evidence that Margot might've been responsible for the deaths of 17 children labelled as "bourgeois". It is unknown who these children are as the documents don't specify what happened, but these murders have given her a notorious name in the United Kingdom.

She is also known for her attempts on a "Great Purge" against varying political parties but it is likely that these documents were fabricated.

She also has a considerable influence on feminists who were greatly influenced by her ability to sway people to her side. Another thing about her is that she was often opprotunist and would do anything to get her way. An example of this is when bombed the Hollywoodland sign, killing 7 civillians (including one 5 year old), to keep the other side. This was likely not her original idea but she did approve of the idea within the context of the war.

Childhood Edit

Margot was born as, Margot Louise Sweeney, on June 12, 1918. She was born to James Sweeney, an Irish-American aspiring actor, and Louise Sweeney, a Scottish-American housewife. She got into acting at the age of 16 when she performed "Romeo and Juliet" in a school play.

She got a job as playing Juliette in a french version of the play in 1936. At the time, California was going through a cultural shift in which they would borrow much from Spanish, French, and Chinese, also, California declared independence the week after the movie came out.

She was critically acclaimed for her role as Juliette and the following year, played Ophelia in the 1937 film, "La Tragédie d'Hamlet".


It was well known by the population that she was a radical feminist. This eventually got the attention of Frank Merriam, the president of California, to say, "When you're talking about Margot Samuelson and her views, we must realize that she is very radical in her beliefs," then following it up with, "she is an imminent threat to the Californian dream, and I would not even hesitate to put her in prison if I had the means to do so!"

Her husband at the time, Frederick Samuelson, was a very patriotic person and loved his country. He divorced her in late 1937 when he found that she was reading, "The Accumulation of Capital".

She became an avid luxemburgist in 1937 and advocated socialism. When she and Frederick got a divorce, she stated simply that she didn't care.

She and Lester Meyer started terrorizing Hollywood and actively tried to hostage Hollywoodland 2 times before she was eventually captured and imprisoned for 5 days. 

She was released on January 14, 1938. She then proceeded to instill 3,000 propaganda posters in Los Angeles saying that Lester Meyer was executed for political reasons. She also got 12 actors on her side and encouraged 7,000 people to destroy the government in 4 days. 

The government did not address this sudden reaction from communists until Los Angeles was in flames. In 5 hours, the police were overwhelmed with 7,000 communists destroying property and causing chaos. The city was overtaken by communists on January 19th.

This sparked a civil war which lasted 3 months. The deciding factor was that the Soviet Union was helping and invading California with relative ease.

After the end of the Civil War she became the General Secretary of the Communist Party due to her talent of swaying people to her side. She encouraged several pieces of propaganda to make the Liberal Movement that was growing out to be this big overwhelming anti-worker organization.

Margot remarried in 1939 to fellow communist Jerry Garrison.

She went back into acting in 1940 when she went into production of a propaganda film called, "The Great Revolution" about the Russian Revolution in 1917. It was semi-influenced by, "October: Ten Days That Shook the World" by Grigori Alexandrov and Sergei Eisenstein but had several differences put into it.

She was given a break between 1949 and 1950 to spend more time with her children, but she soon came back when she got her life together.

She left her position as General Secretary in 1954 when she got extremely exhausted by the amount of work and decided to work exclusively on film. she was 36 at the time.

She left the politburo in 1959 at the age of 41 and stayed out of politics for 3 years because it was "too exhausting". She went back into politcs in 1971 when she supported the allowing of abortion in California.

She officially retired from poitics in 1972 at the age of 53.


Film Year Role Notes
Romeo et Juliette 1936 Juliette Written and spoken in French.
La Tragédie d'Hamlet 1937 Ophelia Written and spoken in French.
The Great Revolution 1941 Nadezhda Krupskaya English, Propaganda film about the Russian Revolution.
Love and Beauty in Los Angeles 1943 (Director)
War and Peace 1946 Natasha Rostova
The January Revolution 1952 Laura Harrison Movie based on the Californian Revolution.
The People's War 1954 (Director) Movie based on the Chinese Revolution.
The People Will Rise 1958 Elaine Morrison Similar to "Red Dawn" but instead involves the British invading California.
The War to End All Wars 1961 (Writer) Movie based on World War II.

Controversy Edit

There is considerable amount of evidence that has been used to paint Margot Samuelson as the evil dictator of the Socialist Republic of California.

There was a document released in 1940 as propaganda in the German Reich where Samuelson was shown as a little girl in 1923 with Lenin were eating a baby. This was debunked as in 1923, she was only 4 or 5 and had never been to the Soviet Union.

In 1945 there were documents released in Germany where Samuelson was killing 300 civilians, while there is some evidence of her having civilians killed by pure accident, she never killed civilians unless it was absolutely necessary.

In the 1950s, California was a British pariah and Samuelson was seen as a brutal dictator. Feminism was under attack from people decrying it as Marxist propaganda.

Religion Edit

Margot for her entire childhood was a Lutheran Christian. She converted to Catholicism in 1939 and then to atheism in 1946.

She generally didn't care much for religion during her early years. But from 1938 to 1945 she was documented as being unusually religious in her ideology. She became an atheist in 1946 as a result of an entire year of becoming distant from her religion.

Margot was an atheist for the rest of her life.

Later Life and Death Edit

In the 1987, at the age of 68, she was diagnosed with a mild stage of Alzheimer's disease, she managed to live for another 13 years but eventually died in 2000.

Several million people from all over the world went to her funeral, similar in style to when Joseph Stalin died.

Legacy Edit

She was well loved by her people for her work in the revolution. In California, she was considered to be the "Greatest Californian to Ever Live". She was kind of humble about this and said that this was a little hyperbolic but nevertheless she accepted the compliment.