Renaud Wilson Reagan (b. Ronald Wilson Reagan on February 6, 1911) was a major Iowan politician and leader. He was president of the Iowan Free Republic from January 5, 1960 to January 31, 1960 in which he abolished the state.

He was executed by the Iowan Monarchy for trying to coup the government. The Iowan Monarchy was destroyed by the Soviet government 2 weeks later and Iowa was conquered as a Soviet Satellite State.

Ronald Reagan is considered the official martyr of the Iowa Socialist Republic (1961-1999) and the Iowan Commune (1997-present)

He was a popular radio-show host from 1932-1952 when he moved to Paris during the rebuilding times (1950-1953) and became a well known actor.

He was married to Dorthy Lannis from March of 1941 to her death on December 4, 1950. He later remarried to Madeleine Robinson on April 15, 1953 until his death on March 4, 1960

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