France (officially: the French Republic or, République française) is a Unitary Semi-Presidential Liberal-Republican State. It is currently in it's 6th republic.

It was formed on August 3, 1988 when the French Empire was at it's weakest. The Republic started it's existence by being forced to pay war reparations. They officially paid it off on November 2, 1998, over 10 years later.

Since it's founding, it has taken a strict, anti-communist stance, Denouncing their neighbors, Reinfield-Pfalz, Luxembourg, Baden-Wurtemburg, Wallonia, Switzerland, and Piemonte, as Marxist dictatorships, they often don't let the communists even participate in French politics.

The current leader of France, Jean-Pierre Motte, is the leader of the "Militarist Party", a neo-reactionary, neo-liberal party (similar to our timeline's Alt-Right movement). He has stated multiple times that he wants to nuke Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad (he would be generally be seen as that country's version of Donald Trump).