The Hitler Method is a method of torture and execution in which the person is exposed into a seven month period of psychological torture and then subjected to a torturous form of execution.

It was invented by Albert Weinstien, a Polish Jew who was put in charge by Joseph Stalin to keep an eye on Hitler while he was in prison. Weinstien then strapped him to a chair for most of Hitler's time in prison.

The first person to be used on was Adolf Hitler who was in prison from September of 1952 to March of 1953,

It was last used from March to October of 2014 by West Canada who used it against neo-Nazi and terrorist Gregory Duke who killed 98 people in the streets of Vancouver himself in 2012, but also instructed the systematic deaths of over 543 people from 1999-2010. In all, he had confessed to being responsible for the deaths of 641 and said that he killed "probably about 3 times that many people."