The Socialist Republic of California is a country on the west coast of North America, it follows Pacific Philosophy. It was created in October of 1938 and officially developed by December of 1940.

The Socialist Republic of California was a unitary state from 1939-1951 but it was split into three groups of people after a massive protest among ethnic groups. It was split mainly between the french, the oklahomans, the chinese, the kazakhs, the mexicans, and the californians.

It has its roots in the January Revolution of 1938, when it was propelled into civil war for 4 months and then eventually ended the war with a victory for the socialists who started it.

The official martyr of California is Lester John Meyer, a Californian socialist politician who was executed by the Californian government. This was the execution that sparked the coup in Los Angeles which closed a main port from California and made California want it back.

The Californian language, as it's called is a mix of English, 1930s American Slang, French, Spanish, and some Chinese. It is taught in schools and promoted as the lingua franca of California.


The Socialist Republic of California was first created