The Soviet Union is a Marxist-Leninist State that exists in both Eurasia and North America. The Soviet Union is generally considered as an adversary for the British Empire and other countries.

It was created on December 30, 1922 when a treaty was signed that officially made the Soviet Union into a bona fide nation.

It served the allies in both World War II (against the axis powers) and in World War III (against the equitorial powers). Although in World War II it was considered a part of Comintern which was independent of Axis and Allied Powers.

It officially recognizes Marxism-Leninism as their ideology.

The leader of the government of the Soviet Union at this moment is Sergei Marotmochov, who was put into office on June 2, 2016 after the death of Oksana Sokolov.

History Edit

The Soviet Union has it's roots in the October Revolution of 1917 when revolutionaries, led by Vladimir Lenin, started a coup d'etat against the Menshevik government. This sparked a civil war between the Red Army Forces and the White Army Forces.

The Soviet Union was started after the "Treaty of Creation" that made the Soviet Union into an official state in 1922.

The leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin died in 1924 which sparked a fight between several politicians on who would become the leader of the party. The fight was generally between major opponents, Joseph Stalin, Nikolai Bukharin, and Leon Trotsky.

In the early 30s, there was a famine in Ukraine, mostly referred today as Holodomor, that many people claim to be because of a plot by Stalin to kill Ukrainians for some reason. The evidence isn't very clear, so it isn't really talked about by people other than the extreme right-wingers to create a narrative against the Soviet Union.

This eventually led to Stalin becoming the leader of the communist party. Trotsky was executed in 1942 for treason against the Soviet government. Bukharin, was relieved of his execution and was instead sent to a gulag, since he helped find Leon Trotsky, (simply because the party thought that would cause mass protest). He also helped find Hitler in 1952. He was eventually let back into the Politburo in 1954.

There were no accounts documented by the United Kingdom of a Great Purge for some reason.

The Alaskan Republic was annexed by the Soviet Union in {1937}. It was renamed to the Alaskan SFSR.

In the 1930s and 40s, they focused more on helping revolutionaries in North America. They created a Satellite State consisting up of The Mountain Republic (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon), British Columbia, and Yukon. It also helped in the Californian Revolution and Baja Revolution.

In the late 1980s, the Soviet Union was dissolved for a period in time and divided between the East and West Soviet Union. The East Soviet Union was led by Oksana Sokolov while the West Soviet Union was led by her husband at the time. The Soviet Union was reunited in 2001.

In 1976, there was a protest held in Red Square against the government. It was a "pro-democracy" protest, they eventually stormed into St. Basil's Church and had to be removed by the military. 4 people died by either being trampled or threatening Soviet officers and getting shot dead. This was (for some reason) blamed on the Soviet government.

The Space Race Edit

The West Soviet Union, China, and the East Soviet Union collaborated in the early 1990s to create the first space program. They put the first satellite in Space (1991), the first animal in space (1994), the first man in space (2005), the first person in space (1997), and the first picture of the moon from less than 200 miles (2013).

Comintern was unopposed until 2011 when the French created their first space program with the help of the United Kingdom. Both are competing to create the first rocket to land on the moon.

The Delhi Movement Edit

The Delhi Movement is a Maoist party in India that seeks to gain independence for India (now the last remnant of the British Empire). The Soviet Union supports the movement and seeks to say that this will be a good thing for their cause.

This movement is considered to be toxic by the United Kingdom as the British economy relies on India to run it's economy. Many politicians have predicted that they should probably be better to just let it go since it would completely devastate the economy of Britain if they lost a potential war against them.

Geoffrey Chambers, the leader of the Labour Party and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom says that he'll be ready to go to war against India if it is necessary (mostly because he was accused of sympathizing with the communists when he was elected in 2014). Meanwhile Sergei Marotmochov says that a revolution in India will be the modern way of honoring Lenin and that he'll continue to empathize with the Delhi Movement.

Modern Politics Edit

On November 7, 2017, it will mark the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. All of the leaders in Comintern will be involved in a grand festival to celebrate the birth of the Soviet Union.

Marotmochov has been accused of several atrocities in Russia such as the supposed Massacre in Saint Basil's Cathedral on October 24, 2016. The massacre supposedly happened when a set of British people went into the Cathedral. Marotmochov has denied such a massacre of ever happening but said that the people in the Cathedral were removed for a time.

Another atrocity supposedly happened on April 5, 2017 when thirty people held a protest against Marotmochov at the Red Square. Marotmochov denies this also and says that there was simply some military force to keep the protesters from storming into St. Basil's Church like they did in 1976.

Marotmochov legalized gay marriage and abortion on the May Day in 2017. Since, May Day, over 10,000 homosexual marriages and over 160,000 abortions have happened in the Soviet Union alone. 30 gay couples (not excluding lesbians, of course) moved from capitalist countries, to the Soviet Union so that they could get married.

He also is pushing to create more communes around the pacific ocean and expanding the ones that do exist. Marotmochov has argued that this paves the way for communism in the future and is hoping that he'll live to see the end of capitalism.

When it comes to global warming, the Soviet Union has been enforcing laws that restrict the creation of lead products, Marotmochov has talked about banning cars except for use on highways. He says that the countries of Comintern should all be concerned and make sure that they can hopefully transfer from being reliant upon gas fuel. He is looking for a solution to it such as electric cars and solar panels.

Several projects started in Africa were invented to make the fuel industry obsolete. One such project introduced solar panels to the Saharan desert that would hopefully "power the world".